What Sue’s Clients Say…

“Sue is an inspiration and  her spiritual direction has guided me to create a happy and fulfilling life for  myself.  My visits with Sue keep me focused on living in the ‘here and now’
~ Karen P.

“Sue’s spiritual guidance has been vital in helping me transform fear to love. She helped me reconnect with the Divine and gradually spend more time living in peace and trust rather than in fear and anxiety. I am blessed to have met Sue.
~ Connie C.

“The gifts of Sue’s presence, insight, and healing energy have been a source of peace for me during various ‘developmental stages’ of my life.
~ Mary Lou M.

“Sue has an uncanny way of helping you find a spiritual solution to an earthly problem.
~ Patricia C.

“There are signposts placed along the path of our lives, and the gentle voice of God calling us back to our true selves. Sue has been my guide back to God’s ever loving embrace.
~ A grateful fellow traveler –  John V.

“Sue’s work help me get through many life challenges and had an extremely positive effect on my life and that of my family.  In fact I would say she saved my life.  I only wish I had met her years earlier.
~ Ken O.

“Sue provides a very friendly atmosphere during her presentations. She is well credentialed, wise, and a gift to the holistic health community. She has provided an opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally in my life. Thanks Sue!!”
~ Tanya M. W., RN

“It is clear that Sue cares deeply about the welfare of her fellow humans.  She builds a heartfelt connection with all whom she serves and is generous with time, information, and spirit”
~ JoAnne S., Learning Catalyst

“Sue’s personal example of living a healthy, balanced life has been a great role model for me to follow in my own life.  She has guided me in a journey of wholeness – body, mind and spirit –for which I will always be grateful.”
~ Trish F.

“Sue Staropoli invites each of us into the world of wellness, grace and spirituality that can change one’s way of daily living for the better.  She provides sound advice based on personal experience, common sense, and a quest for a more balanced life-style.”
~ Karen P.

“Sue’s work has been a benediction and blessing in my life.  She offers tender and sensitive touch combined with a deep respect for the body’s innate wisdom and the soul’s unerring guidance to bring the whole of each person back into balancee.”
~ Hallie S.

Sue has been a gift of life in my life. Her spiritual direction always points me Home.”
~ Marilyn C.

“Sue’s maturity, grace and loving presence contribute to every aspect of her work. My Reiki session with her was transformational, and  I imagine her work has that effect on many others !”
~ Nina L.

“Sue Staropoli was instrumental in helping me to become aware that I was in a rut and needed to change some behaviors in order to get out.  Through patient guidance and leadership she showed me better avenues to take which paved my way to success.  I am forever grateful.”
~ Donna D., R.N.

“Sue is a gifted soul friend guiding my transition to “after life”–after marriage, after children, after career. IET has helped me access new harvesting vitality”
~ Bernardette W.