Spiritual Direction

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a relationship in which one person accompanies another in the process of growing in intimacy with oneself and with God (however the divine is named and experienced). Sue creates a safe, non-judgmental environment where the directee is able to explore his/her beliefs, life experience, feelings, questions, doubts and deepest desires. She serves as a companion on the spiritual journey.

Sue’s understanding of “spirituality” is very broad, and her work is focused on the integration of spirituality into everyday life. Since spirituality is different from “religion,” Sue’s work is appropriate for people of any faith tradition -and for those who are unclear about faith and are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Her core belief is that the “voice” deep within each person – the deepest longings of our heart – is an experience of divine nudges, invitations, challenges and confirmations – inviting us to inner peace, joy and a sense of coming “home” to our true selves.

 What Happens In Spiritual Direction?

As a spiritual director, Sue asks reflective questions and listens – helping directees notice how the divine is moving within their hearts and within their life circumstances. Regular meetings with a spiritual director help one to pay attention and become aware of the divine in self, others, events, and all of life!

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