Integrated Energy Therapy

What Is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)?

IET is a form of energy healing that works on the emotional level of the cellular memory, supporting healing by releasing the aftermath of past emotional experiences.

We “carry our issues in our tissues.” Many life experiences lead to blocked energy flow within the body and energy field. The IET techniques painlessly awaken and clear core cellular memory which has been suppressed within the body, mind and spirit, assisting the release of old energy patterns and promoting the self healing process.

This unique method provides gentle and powerful support for anyone seeking relief from the discomfort which blocked energy can create – subconscious patterns that limit the health, freedom, joy and creativity of life. IET is especially helpful as a complement to traditional forms of “talk” therapy (e.g. psychotherapy and spiritual direction). At times ongoing healing must take place at a spiritual level that is beyond words and beyond our own awareness, will and power.

What Is An Integrated Energy Treatment Like?

An IET session lasts from one to one and a half hours. The person receiving IET relaxes, fully clothed, on a massage table, comfortably positioned and facing up for the entire session.

Integrated Energy TherapyThe area in which the session is offered is arranged to promote a feeling of relaxation and peace. It is normally quiet with only the addition of soft music.

While the experience is unique to each person, most people experience a deep sense of peace and renewal following a treatment.

As a certified, advanced level practitioner of IET, Sue serves as a vessel through which loving, healing energy is channeled for the purpose of healing.

Go to the Frequently Asked Question page if you would like to learn more about IET and religious beliefs.