7 Practices For Peacemakers

From the Audiobook Peace is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End by Deepak Chopra.



  • Take 5 minutes to meditate for peace– sit quietly with eyes closed, attention on heart and inwardly repeat the words: peace ….. harmony…. laughter…. love –
  • Allow these words to radiate from your heart’s stillness throughout your body
  • End of meditation – “Today I will relinquish all resentments and grievances.”  Bring to mind anyone against whom you have a grievance and let it go.  Send that person forgiveness

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Basic Assumptions – Philosophy of Natural Healing

Compiled by Sue Staropoli, M.A.

“Our Life Energy is the source of our physical and mental well-being, of glowing health, of the joy of living.” – (Your Body Doesn’t Lie – p. 54)

“Symptoms” of Health:
Health, in a human being, is the perfection of bodily organization, intellectual energy, and moral power.
Health is the fullest expression of all the faculties and passions of man, acting together in perfect harmony.
Health is entire freedom from pain of body and discordance of mind.
Health is beauty, energy, purity, holiness, happiness.
Health is that condition in which man is highest known expression of the power and goodness of his Maker. [Read more…]

Characteristics of Holistic Health

by Jerry Driessen, PhD – Exec. Dir., Assn. For Holistic Health

  1. It is person oriented rather than disease oriented.
  2. Its objective is full, vibrant health (positive wellness), not symptom amelioration.
    It respects the valid contribution of current medical science and practice.
  3. It focuses on internal healing as a useful supplement to surgery, radiation and drug therapy.
  4. It is tri-level (physical, emotional, spiritual), not uni-level (physical body).
  5. It focuses on primary prevention rather than crisis intervention. [Read more…]

I Pledge Allegiance

by David Ault (written in 2004)

In a world landscape littered with disregard rather than respect, seemingly divisive opinions towering over community and destructive choices outweighing personal integrity, it is all too easy to stand back and do nothing. It is all too easy to go numb and settle for survival. It is all too easy to recite words and not take the time to comprehend or savor their meaning. It requires more for us to be courageous rather than popular, gracious rather than self absorbed. A true hero is one who lives mindfully.

I choose to believe there is more power in a conscious, loving, mindful thought than in all the proposed weapons birthed from hatred, ignorance and fear. In fact, I believe there is so much power in what one conscious individual can do for the healing of this planet, that I vow to spend the rest of my waking years enrolling others to live it, speak it and write about it with unlimited vision. I believe that the joining of many can and will feed and foster peace on an earth that hungrily awaits enlightenment. [Read more…]

What’s Normal Can Make You Sick

by Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.

What is your favorite New Year’s resolution? Social psychologist, Eric Fromm once wrote, “Just because millions of people seem to share the same forms of pathology it does not make them sane.” Is what we see as “normal” daily living in fact, making us crazy? If you engage in the normal way of life for the majority of Americans, are you risking your health? Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to”normalize” your life?

Newspaper columnist, Ellen Goodman writes, “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, the car, and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.” She asserts that such a lifestyle is the norm for most Americans. [Read more…]

Holistic Diaries: Yoga


Featured Healing Modality: Yoga
Featured practitioner: Aimee Brooks

When you hear the word “yoga,” what comes to your mind? Stretching postures? Eastern religion? Breathing? Meditation?

It’s understandable if you have different views of Yoga, since there are at least 60 styles of yoga now being taught in the U.S. Therefore, some background about this multi-dimensional practice may be helpful.

“The meaning of the word ‘yoga’ is ‘union’: the integration of physical, mental, and spiritual energies that enhance health and well-being. First systematically set down in writing… in the 2nd century B.C…, yoga teaches a basic principle of mind/body unity: If the mind is chronically restless and agitated, the health of the body will be compromised, and if the body is in poor health, mental strength and clarity will be adversely affected. [Read more…]

Holistic Diaries: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Featured Healing Modality: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Featured practitioner: Maxine McDonald CSW-R

Does the idea of “tapping” parts of your body seem like an odd way to promote emotional and physical healing?

Listen to the message from Dr. Joseph Mercola of www.mercola.com, the world’s most visited and trusted natural health website:

“The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique I routinely use in my practice and most highly recommend to optimize your emotional health… and emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing.” [Read more…]

Holistic Diaries: Magnetic Therapy


Featured Healing Modality: Magnetic Therapy
Featured practitioner: Donna Deppert, RN

Why would two nurses, with 50 years of experience in the medical field, turn to magnetic therapy when faced with health challenges?

Donna Deppert, RN, has had experience in many aspects of nursing – including coronary care, community health and hospice work. For many years Donna had health challenges and often spent up to $250 per month on medications. Donna states, “Due to my inability to tolerate mainstream medications I turned to alternative ways to help myself. I began to use magnetic therapy and my breathing improved, my joints became more flexible, I no longer have the pain in my back from a bone spur.” She continues: [Read more…]

Holistic Diaries: Resurrecting The Wisdom Of Old – Homeopathy


Featured Healing Modality: Homeopathy
Featured practitioner: Nancy McCullough, RN

Where do you look for help when you are hurting and want to feel better? What has been your experience in going to a physician as your first option? Sally, a day care provider, decided to try a different route when she experienced aches and pains resulting from a ski accident months before. She describes her previous experience of going to a doctor for such a problem: “I didn’t think I had the time to go to a doctor to tell me I had bursitis or something and to take a pain killer and exercise, as he did a couple of years before when [Read more…]

Holistic Diaries: Path to Healing – Meg’s Story


Featured Healing Modality: Meditation
Featured practitioner: Nina Livingstone

Chicago writer, storyteller, and Roman Catholic theologian, John Shea says that in our culture we are “experience rich and reflection poor.” Many of us rush through life, multi-tasking; full of activity, outside stimulation and interactions with others, but fail to stop to reflect or to really enjoy our experiences along the way.

Nina Livingstone, secular meditation teacher and counselor, puts it this way: “Aren’t we usually trying to do so many things at once that life has become a rush from doing to doing without any awareness: just checking things off a never-ending list of stuff so that we can move onto the next, ad infinitum… until we collapse from exhaustion?” She asks, “Is this the way you want to live” [Read more…]