A Quote from John Perkins – Hoodwinked

By John Perkins (from the book “Hoodwinked”):

“Each one of us must take action in our choices every day. We hold the power, if only we recognize it.

The questions for you are these: What are your passions? Talents? What will bring you the greatest sense of accomplishment? Satisfaction and joy?

Whether you are a student, dentist, plumber, housewife, or something else, you can talk to your friends, family and clients about issues, join organizations that represent your passions, send e-mails, use materials that are environmentally and socially responsible, support politicians who take actions oriented to benefit future generations, vote in the marketplace for companies committed to doing the right thing, and accomplish objectives you have dared only to dream about until now.

It all starts with recognizing your power. You can change the world. Commit to honoring your passion and acknowledging your power. When you combine yours with the passions and talents of others, miracles will happen. Together we can create a sustainable, just and peaceful world.”