Tips for Healthy Living

Notice and enjoy the blessings of each day. Live with an attitude of gratitude.

Start each day with the intention of giving and receiving kindness in every contact throughout the day.

Pamper yourself in some small way each day. Remember that you can care for others only as you care for yourself.

Listen to your body. Appreciate and follow its wisdom.

Be conscious of what you put into your mind and body. Nourish both your body and soul – with healthy food as well as positive, life-giving, joy-enhancing thoughts, habits and experiences.

Consciously avoid thoughts, behaviors, people, products and environments that are toxic to your health.

Let go of emotional baggage – judgments, resentments and hurts.

When things don’t go your way, let go of your idea of how they should be, trusting that you don’t know the full picture. Look for the positive in every person and situation.

Listen to your deepest desires and values. Let them guide all your decisions, so you can live in harmony with your own spirit and unique purpose.