Staying Awake… Daily Practices

  1. Relationship with Self: Spiritual Fulfillment
    • Create a regular daily practice – prayer, reflection, meditation, yoga
    • Watch for examples of interconnectedness everywhere
    • Make your conversations positive – with encouragement, hope, possibility
    • Want less, buy less, use less
    • Practice deep breathing several times a day
    • Think of five things you are grateful for; share them with a friend
    • Reflect: What is my life’s purpose? “How I live my days is how I live my life” (Dillard)
    • Read, think, talk about, watch something inspirational every day
    • Create spaces for meaningful rituals; invite friends
    • Turn off the TV and the internet; give yourself to a meditative walk
  2. Relationship with the Earth: Environmental Sustainability
    • Buy only what you need, with sustainable packaging, ingredients, production
    • Spend time outdoors, with gratitude; hike with family and friends
    • Use cloth bags for all shopping; refuse plastic bags; recycle “everything”
    • Refuse bottled water; use your recyclable water bottle
    • Nurture a house plant or two
    • Volunteer to help with cleanup of rivers, lake; planting gardens, beautifying, etc.
    • Support local farmers: eat organic, less meat; eat vegetarian
    • Stop junk mail; pass along good books, magazines
    • Become an advocate: e-mail, write, phone legislators regularly; make them friends!
  3. Relationship with Others: Community and Social Justice
    • Join a social justice group in your place of worship; show up!
    • Be informed about local environmental concerns: get involved
    • Be informed about indigenous cultures, local and global
    • Volunteer – at a school, homeless shelter, social agency, hospital….
    • Read inspirational stories about social justice leaders past and present
    • Stay connected with those who care about the environment
    • Support environmentally sustainable efforts of others, groups
    • Become an “energy star” citizen – appliances, lights, cars, machines, gadgets….

Needed now: informed, optimistic global citizens, with a commitment to bring about a real transformation – an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.